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A Sterling Silver etched cross rests below a thin slice of turquoise.  The soft black leather is cinched with a wire-wrapped band.  An onyx cylinder with turquoise creates a slide that adjusts the black leather for a comfortable fit up to 33” L.  Each knot at the end has a turquoise and sterling silver dangle.


Each order is gift wrapped with a hand-tied ribbon and includes a complimentary inspirational message by Quote Notes®.


Purely handmade in the USA.

Turquoise & Onyx Reflection Necklace

  • Turquoise carries energies that will help you live your life with TRUTH, PRIDE & INTEGRITY.

    • Dispels negative energy

    • Promotes inner relaxation

    • Stabilizes mood swings

    • Eases arthritis

    • Brings wisdom to encourage creative problem-solving

    • Enhances your intuition

    • Boosts the immune system & stimulation of tissue regeneration


    Black Onyx carries energies that will help you live your life with SELF-MASTERY & INNER STRENGTH.

    • Instills focused attention

    • Boosts the retention of memory

    • Generates willpower

    • Quells anxiety & nervousness

    • Soothes & calms tension

    • Enhances your endurance & persistence

    • Aids in physical strength

    • Brings forth self-control

    • Provides intuitive guidance

    • Frees your fears

  • Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days. Standard Shipping is Free when shipped in the United States.


    Please Note: Due to carrier limitations we are currently unable to ship outside of the United States.

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