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A faceted teardrop Ruby rests below the Carnelian and Lapis stack that is embellished with gold-filled accents which sway from gold-filled French wires. 1 ½L. 


Each order is gift-wrapped with a hand-tied ribbon and includes a complimentary inspirational message by Quote Notes®.


Purely handmade in the USA.

Ruby, Carnelian & Lapis Earrings

  • Ruby carries energies that will help you live your life with OPTIMISM & VITALITY. 

    • Helps overcome exhaustion
    • Empowers your self-improvement & confidence
    • Instills leadership
    • Aids in healing heart issues & balancing blood sugar levels
    • Enhances spiritual wisdom
    • Encourages joy & spontaneity
    • Allows dreams to be positive & insightful

    Carnelian carries energies that will help you live your life with COURAGE & CONFIDENCE.

    • Carnelian restores vitality
    • Enhances your creative instincts

    • Helps focus your energy on attracting joy

    • Improves circulation

    • Provides tranquility & calmness

    • Eases stress and anxiety

    • Generates promising new ideas

    • Restores vitality

    • Harmonizes the right & left side of the brain

    Lapis carries energies that will help you live your life with WISDOM & UNDERSTANDING.

    • Cultivates friendships
    • Generates a calm & meaningful relationship
    • Relieves inflammation
    • Quells anxiety & helps one focus
    • Soothes migraine headaches
    • Aids in meditation with vivid images & higher awareness
    • Instills positive communication
    • Provides an openness to new ideas
  • Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days. Standard Shipping is Free when shipped in the United States.


    Please Note: Due to carrier limitations we are currently unable to ship outside of the United States.

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