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The garnets are perfectly matched and join the ombre amethysts for the five Hail Mary decades with a delicate sterling pattern to offset the cultured freshwater pearls representing the Our Fathers.  An Italian pewter crucifix and exquisite Blessed Virgin Mary center complete this one of a kind healing rosary.


Each order is gift wrapped with a hand-tied ribbon and includes a complimentary inspirational message by Quote Notes®.


Purely handmade in the USA.

Amethyst, Garnet & Pearl Contentment Rosary

  • Amethyst carries energies that will help you live your life with CONTENTMENT & INSIGHTFULNESS.

    • Amethyst promotes spiritual awareness.
    • Excellent for meditation

    • Relieves stress

    • Aids a restful sleep & clarifies dreams

    • Brings forth insightful solutions to problems

    • Allows calmness for communication

    • Enhances your intuition

    • Dispels negative energy & anxiety

    • Emanates prosperity

    Garnets carry energies that will help you live your life with POSITIVITY & COURAGE.

    • Shields you from negativity energy

    • Relieves rheumatic & arthritic pain

    • Enhances self-esteem & prevents insecurities

    • Increases metabolism & manages blood circulation

    • Deepens your romantic love

    • Revitalizes energy & balance


    Pearls carry energies that will help you live your life with CHARITY & INTEGRITY.

    • Enhances a positive outlookBalances hormone levels
    • Prevents fatigue & headachesPromotes healthy smooth skin
    • Beneficial for asthma & heals the heart, kidney & liver
    • Calms & soothes emotions, relieving anxiety & tension
    • Gives wisdom in seeing the truth in yourself & others


    Praying the rosary will help you become

    • More aware of others' needs

    • More patient and kind to others & yourself

    • Intune with Our Lady, Mary, and listen to her message for you

    • Courageous when combating an illness or starting a new life 

    • Stronger in your conviction while ignoring the temptation that does not serve you

    • More loving and accepting of others

  • Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days. Standard Shipping is Free when shipped in the United States.


    Please Note: Due to carrier limitations we are currently unable to ship outside of the United States.

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